Upcoming EVENTS


Front Line Leadership - Spring 2018 - Learn What Really Good Leadership Looks Like

Location: Milton Ontario

Date/Time: Program Launch - March 2018

Brief Description:

One of the most important (and most difficult) positions in our organizations is our Front Line Leaders.  It is where the organization has direct contact with our team members that provide value to our customers. The performance of our Front Line Leaders has a large impact on our organization’s ability to generate and deliver value.


The HPSC Front Line Leadership Development program provides your leaders with the skills to create a high performance culture and engage their teams in Lean Thinking.


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Share Showcase 2018 - Celebrate the 25th Year of the HPM Consortium

Location: Grantie Ridge Golf Course - Milton Ontario

Date/Time: November 14, 2018

Brief Description:

Our 12th annual Share Showcase celebrates the best achievements by our consortium members in 2018. Organizations representing the - High Performance Manufacturing Consortium (HPM), Alliance for Enterprise Excellence (AfEE), Continuous Improvement Alliance (CIA), the Cambridge Capacity Consortium (CCC), the Waterloo Wellington Impact Consortium (WWIC) and the University of Waterloo Consoritum will participate in our largest best practice sharing and benchmarking event of the year.


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